The following illustrates the type of client we serve.

Tier 1 Technology Outsourcing and Services Company

Transactions include global technology outsourcing agreements with other leaders in a variety of industries — financial services, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications companies.  This client also provides technology products and services to state and local governments.  In supporting this Tier 1 technology client, Doyle & Doyle has developed significant expertise in technology contracting and in resolving disputes with major technology vendors, industry-leading companies and federal, state and local governments.

Technology Consulting Firms and Start-ups

Doyle & Doyle has supported an array of smaller technology firms and start-ups developing software, providing consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services, and delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions  and technology for global leaders in industries such as:

  • financial  industry (one such client was subsequently purchased by Google)
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • cable industry (video asset management technology)
  • telecommunications industry
  • firms that develop transportation-related software systems;
  • criminal justice
  • public sector – governmental agencies

In supporting these technology companies, the firm has developed form licensing, services and distribution/reseller agreements, filed and enforced copyrights and trademarks, and continues to provide on-going operational and transactional support.

Major Containership Operators – Steamship Lines

International and domestic containership, barge and ro-ro vessel operators.

Logistics Companies

Freight forwarders, NVOCCs, logistics companies and affiliated operations.

Marine Terminal Operators

Container and bulk product terminal operators and managers

Shippers and Consignees

Shippers, receivers and parties otherwise interested in cargo shipments – of all sizes, values, origins and destinations.